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Sanometology is a therapeutic method merging science, psychology, philosophy, hypnotherapy and other therapeutic processes to work with the mind at a very deep level. It is described as the big brother of hypnotherapy. What can be achieved in just one session would take several of any other therapy and the effects are permanent and life changing!   


As a Licensed Sanomentologist I can help you get to the root of your problem, even if you don’t know what that is. There is no need to relive old trauma in order to be free from your past experiences. 

Sanomentology is fully accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). 



Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

This can help with chronic physical and emotional pain at a psychological level. This includes help with arthritis, back pain, old injuries, anxiety, and depression. This can also help with autoimmune issues, Fibromyalgia, MS, ME, Parkinsons, allergies, digestive conditions such as IBS, Krohns, skin conditions, diabetes and other physical illness but other protocols such as the Full Resolute Pact may be required. 

Cost £90

Fears and Phobias

These can be dealt with very quickly, usually over one session depending on the level of fear.

Cost £90

Full Resolute Pact

This is a life-changing package. It is made up of two sessions or can be carried out in one two hour sessions, The first session will conclude any unfinished business that your unconscious mind is storing which is holding you back, the second session deals with all the little things that have occurred in your life but which are still having a day to day impact and allowing emotional states linked to past events to be altered. The final part is finalising the programming for better future protection and direction.

Cost £90 Two sessions required


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

These are content-free sessions meaning the issues can be resolved without having to re-live the trauma. The treatment for this usually takes 4 Sessions

Cost £90 per session - Four sessions are required.


Weight Management

This helps to reprogram the unconscious mind around food, beliefs, attitudes and need to change eating habits. This takes two sessions without the need for fad diets.

Cost £90 per session - Two sessions required


This is a four week programme to help you deal with your addictions and most importantly the drivers behind those addictions.

Cost £90 per session. Please note all four sessions must be attended.   

Life Enhancement

If you have no issues, or once your issues have been resolved, I also have tools, theories and processes to take you out the other side, enhance your life, and help you to reach your full potential.

Cost £250

To find out more please get in touch... 

Ali Jessop-Lavelle

After all we are all energy

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