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Ali spent the majority of her career in the care industry, but after 10 years of working as a care regulator, she discovered the wonderful healing modality Reiki. In 2016 she completed her Reiki 1 and shortly followed her Reiki 2 becoming a practitioner. Ali left her career in care and has since worked full-time in her energy healing business. Ali is highly intuitive and has the ability to connect with your higher self and work with all aspects of your consciousness to bring you into a state of balance.  Healing is a constant learning process and Ali enhances her learning and growth with new modalities and inspirational healing techniques so she can offer the best service to her clients.


Here are modalities that Ali is certified in and fully insured to offer; 

Reiki Master Teacher, Emotion and Body Code Practitioner,

Licensed Sanomentologist, Quantum Group healing Facilitator, Guided meditation facilitator, and Inner Dance Facilitator.

What can Ali help you with?

  • Physical pain and disease

  • Emotional pain

  • Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression

  • Trauma including PTSD

  • Addictions

  • Relationship trauma and issues in relationship

  • Clearing limiting beliefs

  • Clearing blocks to abundance in any area of your life

  • Healing difficult situations

  • Issues around low self-worth and self-confidence

  • Helping you attract anything you want in your life

  • Healing past lives 

There are no limits just bring all your issues and we will go from there.

Ali’s commitment to healing others goes beyond doing training courses. She consistently works on her own energy so that she is operating from the highest vibrational state when working on others. Her long-term clients have experienced better outcomes from their own healing sessions as she has grown spiritually. Ali offers great after care and will always message you the day following the healing to see how you are feeling. 



“A Miracle!!!!!
This morning I woke absolutely ravenous. So many tastes in my mind. For anyone who knows me, my appetite has been shot to pieces, along with my body and emotions. Yesterday I had some healing done with Ali. OMG, this has worked absolute wonders. At 6.30am this morning I was raiding my cupboards.  

Thank you Ali, you’re an absolute star.”




Ali is not a medical doctor and is not able to make any diagnosis and does not promise to cure your issues.


You are advised to seek help from a medical professional in the first instance.

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