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It has been a lifelong dream to pass on knowledge, learning and understanding to as many people as I can. This is how we all grow and expand and fulfil our own dreams. If everyone excelled in exactly what they wanted to do, wouldn't the world be a better place. Therefore, I studied my Reiki Master level to become a Reiki Master Teacher and with my avid learning and knowledge of all aspects of a spiritual wellbeing I now teach Reiki and run various spiritual circles.

Reiki Courses


Reiki Level 1 

This is a two-day course where you will learn the history of the Usui Reiki System, how to self-heal and heal friends, family or pets, the traditional hand positions. You will receive four attunements over two days. You will receive a manual and a certificate. 

Cost £190



Reiki Level 2

This is a two-day course. You will do a re-cap of the Reiki 1 course. You will be given two attunements and will receive the sacred distant Reiki symbols. You will also learn how to send healing to situations and send Reiki blessings. You will also learn about the Chakra system. You will receive a manual and a certificate. After you have completed this course you will be able to offer Reiki as a practitioner.  

Cost £190 



Reiki Master 

This is for people who want to take their Reiki to a much higher level and who are fully committed to Reiki energy and have been practising for a considerable amount of time (minimum 6 months up to many years). This builds on level 1 and 2. You receive one attunement and one new symbol. The course is carried out over one day.  You will receive a manual and a certificate. 

Cost £400



Reiki Master Teacher

The Reiki Master Teacher course is the highest commitment to Reiki. This is because when you teach Reiki to others, you will be available to those people for the rest of your life for as long as you are able. This is a one-day course with a follow up session. You are given the sacred methods to attune others to Reiki energy. You will be given a manual and certificate.  

Cost £495

Courses and Classes

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