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Lets Get Started...

So, you are ready to start your healing journey with me, but you don’t know what type of session to book. 



I always start by doing a 1.5-hour intuitive energy healing session with you, so that we can get right to the root of your issues. This session will be done either face-to-face in my therapy room in Stamford, or over zoom. It doesn’t matter where you are located, the healing sessions will offer the same outcome.

I start by checking your light score, this is to get your vibration to its maximum, it’s like laying the foundations for the healing session. We will have a quick chat about what you need help with and then I will connect with your higher self and other aspects of your consciousness that are holding energies that are detrimental to you and start releasing them. The release is quick and most people don’t feel anything, however, as the session progresses you will start to feel very relaxed. Once an energy is released it will never return.

I will work across your entire existence, past lives, current life, and future incarnations. At the end of the session, I will ask your higher self how long the healing will take to process. This is usually 7 days.

How often will I need a session?

Whilst every client I see reports feeling so much better and lighter after one session and many don’t need subsequent sessions, everyone is different and it will depend on your issues. If for example, you have a long-term physical disease or emotional illness, we will then discuss if you will need something different such as Sanomentology or the Subconscious healing method. Subsequent sessions of this type can be done remotely if you prefer.






Working with children under age 16, these sessions are done remotely, I have a chat to the parent and then report back after I have carried out the session.



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