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Intuitive Healing

This healing session incorporates emotion and body code and entity release work to connect with your higher self and other aspects of your consciousness.  We  ask what is causing your issues. It could be a trapped emotion, trauma energy, dark entity or other attachments that needs to be released.   Once identified they  are  quickly released and will never return. 

Your first session will be carried out either in person at Stamford or on a zoom meeting. 

Cost £85 for 60-90 minutes 

Subsequent remote sessions can be carried out for those who may not have time to sit in a meeting or would prefer a more cost effective option. You just email me a description of your issues and I will work remotely and send you an email report of what I have released. 





Sanomentology is a therapeutic method which works on the the mind at a very deep level. It is described as the big brother of Hypnotherapy. Sanomentology can help relieve physical pain, clear fears and phobias, PTSD, Addictions and help with depression, anxiety and other disorders of the mind. Some people may require several sessions. This would be discussed at your initial appointment.


 60-90 mins in person at Stamford or on a zoom call. 



Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life Force Energy.' Reiki is a very gentle healing method that can be carried out in person or over distance. Reiki can support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The sessions are very relaxing, when you receive Reiki energy it will help you feel more relaxed and calm, but after can all make you feel energised. 

 45 Minutes in person at Stamford 



Did you know 90% of people are living with interference from dark entities and spirit attachments.  This session is carried out remotely. I connect with your higher self and ask what is your light score. This should be on 100 but many people who I work with it is on 1-10. When we are free of entities and spirit attachments we find that we can be free of some physical symptoms and our emotional well-being can be much higher

We can do these sessions on people, places, circumstances, events and anything else where you feel things are out of alignment. 

This session is carried out remotely. 


SUBCONSCIOUS healing Method

The subconscious healing method is an amazing quantum operating system. When we experience trauma, the way the mind deals with this is to create a mental compartment, this becomes a split in the subconscious mind. This is a simple yet very effective method to release the trauma and allows the mind to integrate and become whole again, restoring it to its original state of oneness. 


A minimum of two sessions is required.


 This is carried out in person or on a zoom call  

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Inner Dance

 Inner Dance is a journey where you connect with the deepest parts of your soul and get a deeper sense of who you are so that you can align with your true self and choose who you become from this moment. 


Participants are invited to join a state of trust and surrender so that the music can take you on a journey leading you into a deep healing experience. The frequencies of the music take you through various brain wave states, including those associated with lucid dreaming and Theta healing, bringing you into an expanded state of consciousness where anything and everything becomes possible.  


Inner Dance sessions are carried out in groups the cost is £25 for three hours.


 It can also  be done one a one to one in person. You can also book me to offer Inner Dance at your event. Please contact me to discuss this.  

BOOK ME for your event
If you would like to book me to offer guided meditation, group or individual healing or inner dance please get in contact with me. 

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