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Emotion and Body Code healing technique

Emotion and Body Code


The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to let go of unseen emotional baggage.


As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I will help you identify and release any trapped emotions in your life, eliminating past trauma, hurt, stress or any other negative emotions affecting your daily life. I will also help you to break down any barriers to healing which you have built around your heart. This will open you up to receive more positive energies so that you can really start to live your life in a more balanced and care free-way.

The Body Code focuses on six major areas of possible energetic disorders or imbalances in the body that make you sick. It’s based on the same premise as the Emotion Code but takes things to a much deeper level. It can help balance the energies in the physical body for better health and wellness.


The Body Code can also help you discover what is actually causing your disease/illness. When you body is expressing a need for help, it does this by giving us symptoms. By removing the cause, be it a toxin you are exposed to, a nutritional intolerance, an emotional issue or any other external factor, the body can then heal and return a state of balance.   


Sessions can be carried out face to face, online or telephone call. 

The first session will take unto 1.5 hours and will include a full check of your bodies systems and how well they are operating.

Cost for session is £90



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