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Heal your emotional and physical pain by getting to the root of your issue. 

Ali successfully heals people worldwide. Her intuitive healing modalities are channeled from the higher self during each healing session with her clients...

“Ali, I feel really good! The most positive I've felt for ages. Seems like I can cope and everything will be ok." 



The most common statement I hear is "Oh gosh, I thought  I'd dealt with that." 

This is because when I connect you with your higher self, the part of you that knows everything that has happened to you, it's still holding onto the traumas,  trapped emotions and other detrimental energies.  Over time they build up and eventually your body or mind has to give you a signal that things need to be cleared and this signal is in the form of physical illness and disease or mental and emotional imbalances. 

You may have heard the expression, "Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders." Often if you have pain in your shoulders its a signal that you have too much responsibility. 


Illnesses of the lungs are usually associated with grief and sadness, your kidneys hold your fear and your liver and gallbladder will hold onto emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration.  

When these energies are released your body and mind can come back into a state of balance. 

And not only that, I can help you heal your relationships and relationship trauma, and overcome any blocks you have to having abundance in all areas of your life. 


" Intuitive healing

I feel absolutely fabulous after releasing so much yesterday in my healing session. I feel so light and clear.
Thank you so much.





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